Tiny 1 Exhibition team Baby Bolts
Mini 1 Novice Sprinkles
Youth 1 Novice Mist
Mini 1 RainDrops
Junior 1 Wind
Youth 2 Thunderbolts
Junior 2 Lightning
Junior 3 Strike
Senior 4.2 Force
Senior 4 Shock


Thunder Extreme is in our 11th season of competition. Our athletes and coaches work very hard and compete at several competitions throughout each season. We have had a lot of success and have brought home several nationals championship jackets, rings, outstanding choreography awards, High Point awards, and Paid Bids. Some of our most proud accomplishments at the biggest competitions in the country are listed below.
2016-NCA Champions (Small Junior 2)
2017-NCA Champions (Small Junior 2)
        D2 Summit Bronze Medalists (Small Junior 2)

2018-NCA Champions (Small Junior 1)
        NCA Champions (Small Mini 1)
        D2 Summit Silver Medalists (Small Senior 3)
2019-NCA Champions (Small Senior 3)
D2 Summit Champions (Medium Junior 1)
D2 Summit Silver Medalists (Medium Junior 3)
D2 Summit Bronze Medalists (Small Senior 3)
2020-NCA Champions (Small Junior 1)
NCA Champions (Medium Senior 3)
NCA Champions (Small Senior 4 Coed)
2021-All Star Worlds Silver Medalists (Small Youth 1)
     All Star Worlds Silver Medalists (Small Junior 4)